November 15, 2007

Just a bit of fun

Gorgeous camel from Egypt with background of the Sahara desert from Tunisia.

Taunton and the Quantock Hills in autumn

November 01, 2007

Temporary family members

Found the first two in the lane when Chris nearly ran them over. Carl had been seen walking up the lane with them following by Barry and he drew his attention to it and was told by Carl that he was hoping that they would go home. Kept them in the kitchen in a crate overnight but they escaped as they were so tiny and crapped on the floor! They are only about 5-6 weeks old.

Went down to see him this morning but he wasn't answering the door and saw two more under the old car in the drive so brought them back too. They all have the diarrhoea and are starving hungry and thin. Finally saw Martin as he knows Carl and he said that he rehomed the last litter of 14 kittens for him and I should just take them away, especially when I said that they had the runs and were thin. He said Carl doesn't feed them enough and there are 3 queens down there which are all having litters and he has told him to get them spayed but he hasn't done it. I said to tell him what I'd done and if he wants the cats spayed if he gets the vouchers from Cats Protection (free) then I will drive them to the vet and bring them back when it's done. We wait to see if he will.